Welcome to P3

Milton of Leys Primary School

…where the magic of learning comes alive

Welcome to P3. We have had a fantastic first week back and are raring to go for session 2019/2020! We have had lots of fun getting to know each other this month and looks forward to all the fun filled learning ahead of us.

I sent a welcome letter home with your child today with staffing information, some dates for your diary and general information for P3. If you have any questions then please let me know.

Mrs Tulloch

Learning Records

Your child is taking home their learning record today to share their learning for this block. Their block of learning was about the Titanic and they have completed a key assessment task on this. Please look at their work together and discuss the different facts they learned and researched about the Titanic.

Your child may have 2 learning records sent home if they have recently been given a new jotter. BOTH jotters MUST BE returned, as we are required to keep a record of your child’s learning throughout the academic year. Please return these by Thursday 20th February.

Please can you return their learning record with a comment about their learning on the key assessment task sheet where it says ‘Parent Voice’.

Have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the rest!

Celebration Assembly

We celebrated individual success this week in assembly. Successes included academic progress and achievements, sporting success and being ready, respectful and safe in school.

Two children from our class were there that day to sit at the front of assembly to say what they have achieved this session in class. Two other children were also meant to be there too but unfortunately not in assembly that day, so we had a mini celebration of their success in class today. Well done to all four of you!


We had a whole year gym class again today – all of P3 in one room! We had lots of fun and tried new exercises such as scissor kicks (keep those legs straight and only slightly lifted off the floor), walk outs, bear crawls and squat jumps. This tabata workout was followed by a very well deserved relaxation and gentle stretch with some relaxing music playing in the background. Excellent work again P3!

Titanic Research

We were researching the Titanic this week using the school’s class set of chrome books. We used our very own log in details and passwords and used the search engine to ask what, where, when, why and who questions about the Titanic. We began using these facts to create a first draft of a newspaper article.

Reading Books

Just a wee note to say we have sent home non-fiction books this week. Some of the vocabulary might be a little challenging but we will be using our scanning and reading for information skills to draw upon key information from these non-fiction texts.

We have been doing work in class on non-fiction texts such as newspapers and have been researching facts about the Titanic to create our own newspaper front cover and article.

Have a lovely weekend!

Hot Chocolate

The table with the most table points had their hot chocolate reward with Mrs Tulloch on Monday. It was lovely to sit inside on a cold day at break and have a nice blether about our weekend. Well done!

Our Learning


We have been making connections to different text this week in our reading. This is a comprehension strategy whereby we make connections to another text (text to text), to ourselves (text to self) and to the wider world (text to world). We have been discussing the similarities and differences between texts and working cooperatively to develop our comprehension strategy.


We are really enjoying our Titanic topic and have been taking notes under headings to understand the sequence of events of the Titanic sinking. We then applied this knowledge to create a story board with detail to demonstrate what happened first, next, after, then and lastly.

We also looked looked at different features of a newspaper and used a newspaper article from when the Titanic sunk to help us to understand these. We worked in trios to highlight the key features of a newspaper such as headline, subheadings, captions and pictures.